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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Where is the love?

College basketball is all over. Florida took the national championship for the first time ever and it’s a shame I didn’t bet money on my prediction of Florida taking it 73-68. The real time final score was Florida over UCLA 73-57. I’m sure someone out there hit the nail on the head with their own prediction, but as a basketball novice, I think I did pretty well for myself. No, I didn’t win my office pool, or any of the other free pools I entered, but I truly enjoyed myself as I witnessed the anarchy that erupted this past March.

Now what do I do? The official baseball season opened up yesterday, I guess I could start following the Cubs, Mets, Yankees, Reds, and Indians…but then again, who cares? Why does the single most boring sport have the longest season? Sure, I love going to see a baseball game, that’s the only time I really enjoy watching the sport. Well that might be a lie, I do like to watch the series…IN OCTOBER. I mean, what gives? They spread this sport out over 7 months in regular play, but you have to tack on an extra two months for all that “spring training” crap. Baseball fanatics get to watch this “American Pastime” for nearly nine months out of the year while those of us who love football or basketball are stuck with limited seasons roughly last five months, with a small lap-over which forces you to pull double-duty. Okay, I suppose you could argue that I can indulge in college sports for a full 8.5 months, from August kick-offs to early April spring football games, but what am I supposed to do over the summer? At least when we have years that fall on Olympic calendars, I can get in to the Summer Games like swimming and gymnastics. This summer I can either take up baseball, get in to car racing, or follow golf and tennis. I think tennis will take the cake, but it will be pro-tennis, which is enjoyable, but things just aren’t the same without the heart of college sports.

For example, what made the US Open so invigorating a few years ago? It wasn’t watching a nobody come up and take the title, it was watching Agassi, an aging star, try to reclaim his youth. I actually loved watching that tournament simply because you felt like you were caught in the early 90’s watching your favorite tennis star take command over the sport that he once dominated. We got to witness heart, rather than a flashy blonde who’d rather make out than make a tournament final. Even the Olympics are enjoyable because you see the human spirit in every match, heat, and medal ceremony. Where is the heart in baseball? Where is the heart in golf, for that matter? It’s no wonder a show like “Dancing with the Stars” was so popular last summer. People were dying to watch some athleticism mixed in with desperate personalities wanting to make an impact and prove themselves worthy. I can’t say I got the same excitement out of watching Michael Campbell at the US Open. (Who? Exactly! All people remember is Tiger choking.)

April 29th will arrive shortly, and for one day I can live some college football and check out the spring games of the top collegiate teams, but after that, I better find something to believe in or else it will be a long summer.


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Blogger The College Game said...

The only pro sport with heart is the NFL. Why? Non-guaranteed contracts. You fail to produce, the teams yanks your deal and your out on the street. The only promised money is the signing bonus at the beginning, otherwise, you have to bring it every year to earn your keep in the NFL.

2:10 AM  

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