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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Let's Play Ball...

Welcome to the inaugural posting of the "Scarlet Monomaniac!" Before we begin, I feel it is only fair to commemorate this occasion with an introductory posting, where you can learn why this will become the hottest blog to enter cyberspace on March 8, 2006. Please pardon the formality, I promise we'll get down and dirty soon!

First off, this isn't your sorority sister's blog. This is a sports blog. After spending years listening to Jim Rome, watching ESPN, and scouring over the columns of, it's time I put my money where my mouth is and voice my own opinion. I'm a bona fide sports fanatic! I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, which means I bleed scarlet and gray. To put it in perspective, my first crush was on Kirk Herbstreit when I was 12 and I thought "YAC" was a football stat long before I knew it was a Himalayan animal. (OK, that last sentence might be slightly false...who didn't have a crush on Kirk Cameron in the 80's?) My true passion lies in college football, but that doesn't mean I'm one to pass up the March Madness office-pool, give up tickets to Wimbleton, or blow off curling at the Olympics. I love competitive sports, in general! Who doesn't relish the cultural phenomena that is sports? Take the Super Bowl, it alone has created a single event in which the entire country is united at some local bar and bonds over commercial lore and hot wings. This blog is my opportunity not only to reminisce about the sports of yore, it is also to debate, tackle, and discuss the current state of sports and its many notorious players.

At first glance, I may not seem like an unlikely author for this subject, but I failed to mention that I'm a girl and when I say "girl" I mean a girlie-girl. I was wearing pink tights and a tutu before some kids could walk. At age 2.5, out of fear that I might turn in to a tomboy, my mother enrolled me in dance classes, piano lessons, and eventually voice lessons so that by age 18 I was a competitive dancer, local theatrical professional, and set to start a career as a triple-threat actress. My proudest moments to date were graduating magna cum laude from Northwestern University and earning my Actor's Equity card. Hence why pigskin football wouldn't appear to tickle my fancy. All that aside, I'm as passionate about my Broadway as I am about my basketball, bobsled, and bowling. Appearance aren't always what they seem and underneath the glossy exterior, I am a sports journalist ready to pop! So check back often and I hope you enjoy the ride!


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