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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fantasy Job or Fantasy Boyfriend?

I am currently in the LONG process of filling out an arduous application for an internship opportunity (and reality TV show) for Rolling Stone Magazine. I think it’s like an “Apprentice” type affair where Rolling Stone would choose x-number of finalist and film the internship competition to air on MTV. I think the chance to intern and hone my writing skills at a place like Rolling Stone, pre-grad school, would rock – pardon the pun. I know reality TV is passé, but I’d be lying if I said the exposure on national TV was completely uninteresting to me too.

So far the application has asked tons of journalistic questions, but my favorite one to date is “what story would you propose to one of our editors?” Since Rolling Stone is as much of a pop-culture magazine as it is about music, I proposed a piece on Matt Leinart. I came up with the title “What it means to be Matt Leinart: From college golden boy to the toast of Gotham.” I find everything about him to be utterly fascinating. Yea, yea, yea, he’s not so bad to gaze at, but look at the life he has already lead and imagine the life he is about to lead…is it possible that he has the potential to be a modern day Sinatra?

Think back to the coolest cats you know. Names that come to mind might be Steve McQueen, John F. Kennedy, James Dean, and the Rat Pack. Modern day equivalents might be people like John F. Kennedy, Jr., Sean Combs and Ashton Kutchner, but there is something about the makings of Matt Leinart that could skyrocket him above these boys. (Ok, it’s hard to surpass John Jr., especially since he died young and will forever live in immortality as an A+.) This kid already has a resume filled with accolades and awards that would make any American male drool. To top it off, he has movie star looks and a female following that would rival a young Tom Cruise, pre-Scientology. Matt Leinart is the man to be, he’s the man of the moment.

Sure, it’s one thing to be a division-I college quarterback, but to have been a three-year starter off the heels of another suave USC Trojan, Heisman Trophy winner Carson Palmer, that’s a lot of pressure. Let’s also point out that he was attending a very prestigious University with high academic standards. You can’t be dumb and play for USC. In addition to the brains, it’s Southern California, so it is synonymous with being beautiful. Think about it…have you ever seen or met anyone from USC who was hard on the eyes? This guy was living with pressure 24-7, navigating his team to what should have been three consecutive national championships. Vince Young cheated with the help of his knee, thank you very much! To top it off, he won the Heisman Trophy his junior year and had the guts to come back to school and make history! No, he didn’t win the Heisman again, thank God, but he can credit numerous school and nation records, and the Notre Dame game to his resume. This guy was a walking Greek God at USC, and to be honest, he could have been the ugliest SOB on earth and it wouldn’t have mattered because this guy was the Big Man on Campus. He was an A-list celebrity and he hadn’t filmed one single movie, TV show, music video, or received a signing bonus. He was an A-list celebrity because of his natural ability and charm. It’s been rumored that he’s been with movie stars, supermodels, and that chick from Laguna Beach. He’s partied with Adam Sandler, Lindsay Lohan, and everyone at ESPN. Not only can this guy produce results for any team, he is a PR machine, creating spin and publicity anywhere he moves. Heck, he should be the number one draft pick simply because the tourism industry in his pick city would skyrocket. Not only would people pay to watch him play, they’d pay to eat in the same restaurant. I can’t say that every man, woman, and child would do the same thing for Vince Young. Matt Leinart is the golden boy with the golden touch…everywhere he goes and everything he touches is automatically deemed “cool.” Girls want to be with him and guys want to be him, his closest equivalent to date would be Justin Timberlake, who has a similar effect, but not the extent that Leinart holds. Men envy Justin because he dates Cameron Diaz, not because they love his music. Men envy Matt Leinart because he could date Cameron Diaz and he can launch a cannon with his arm.

So maybe I’m a little biased. Maybe what this article is really saying is how obsessed I am with this Trojan. I don’t know if he’d make the ideal boyfriend because I think he has too many distractions and his stock would plummet if he was attached. (Besides, I have a feeling he could be a Magic Johnson and have a propensity to sleep with anything that moves.) And let’s be honest, he’s way out of my league and if I ever had the chance to meet him in person I might freak out and grow so overly-self conscious that I wouldn’t be able to utter a single word. (Wait, that’s any drop-dead gorgeous guy I meet.) Regardless, I would love to know what a day in his life is like. Who calls his cell-phone? Which e-mails does he actually read? What kind of cereal does he eat? How often does he talk to his mom? What kinds of clothes hang in his closet? These are the kinds of questions I’d ask…and I’m planning to, once I win this contest!


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